Wellness area Hotel Il Principe Milazzo

The Hotel Il Principe features a SPA area with sauna, turkish bath, emotional shower, small Kneipp and massages.

The sauna offers a extraordinary relaxation and detoxification, with positive effects on the mind and body: the skin cleanses totally and eliminates acids and toxins thanks to sweating. The autonomic nervous system is stimulated, improving in general all the metabolism.

The turkish bath has several beneficial effects such as: the dilation of blood vessels, that helps the circulation of the blood, the deep skin cleansing and the stress reduction thanks to its invigorating effect.

The emotional shower thanks to the use of water, lights and aromas free the mind from all thoughts and creates a feeling of relaxation.

Kneipp therapy is a treatment that regenerates the circulation of the blood and the soles of the feet, by alternating cold, warm and hot water baths.

The "virtues" of the massage are innumerable: first of all, the relaxation effect that allows the body to regenerate, balancing the nervous and hormonal systems, and then all the positive effects that this technique provides such as the feeling of well-being thanks to the fact of feeling caressed and coddled.

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